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Ever since I watched this guy on his first music video, One Time I loved him. I find him so attractive. I watched him grow. I never stop believing. I watched him changed his hairstyle and everything. I may not be there always to buy every stuff that he has made, but I'll always be there to support him. Being a Belieber doesn't mean buying stuffs like his albums, perfume or book. Being Belieber is about how you support him no matter what. How you love him. I love him in every way. Perfect is one word to describe him. He's living his dream and I'm supporting him. Haters gonna hate :) <a href=""><img src="" alt="Play" style="border:0px;" /></a>



put your headphones on this is very beautiful. 

it’s so beautiful, omg. ;’)

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-> Justins cute face expressions while during the interview :)

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“Tell me what you like, dear, Tell me what you don’t, I could be your Buzz Lightyear, Fly across the globe. You don’t even need to fight, dear,You already know I can make you shine bright, Like you’re laying in the snow, Burr.”

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